Audio Transcription Software for Education

If your school or course needs automated transcripts for lectures, speeches, or video subtitles, Rythmex can help you. We use cutting-edge automated algorithms to produce the most accurate results within minutes.

Rythmex can provide an easy method of learning without missing out on any important information from classroom lectures, speeches, presentations, and videos. When your audio file is transcribed, you can easily access it on your dashboard. You can transcribe lectures to text, and all online classes can also be recorded and transcribed within 5-7 minutes.


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Voice Transcription Software for Education

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Rythmex is the best transcribing tool for high school, college, and university students. They need to understand all the information provided. Lecturers and researchers can use this cloud-based software as well for qualitative research and interpretation of guest speeches.

Lectures and courses can become more accessible to those who are hearing-impaired or to students whose second language is English. They can learn at their own pace. Translation into more than 60 languages is also available.

This lecture transcription software is easy to use across faculties, departments, student groups, or classrooms.

Why Choose Rythmex for Education?


The platform is top-notch in the industry, so it provides indisputable benefits to those engaged in education processes.

1. The transcripts are easy to edit online.
2. The platform can customize and fine-tune captions and subtitles.
3. You can easily search and tag words and phrases needed for research.
4. The software can combine the video and transcripts to follow the course easier.
5. Translation of transcripts into other languages is available.
6. The search for key information and themes is smooth.
7. You can add a table of contents to the transcribed lecture.
8. You may restrict access only to students or faculties who need it with passwords.
9. These are completely automated transcription services for universities, and no human access to data is possible.
10. Editing, view-only, or administrator-rights options provide access to students and professors which is always under control.
11. It allows for centralized storage and specific workspaces.
12. The system is very cost-effective and fast.


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