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Automated Transcription Software for Newsrooms

Transcribing for newsrooms with Rythmex will help you save time and effort. No tense work for the interviews, no effort-consuming searches for important quotes in the bulk of audio materials, and no mess in organizing your files for the media. Automated transcripts for newsrooms will solve your problems quickly, accurately, at an affordable price, and with a free 30-minute trial.

Rythmex is one of the best AI-based transcription software for newsrooms in 2022.

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How Can Rythmex Manage Transcription for Newsrooms?


Manage Transcription for Newsrooms

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Who Can Rythmex Help?

The Rythmex software works wonders for digital publishers, editors, news reporters, journalists, and everyone who deals with online newsrooms. You can also work both individually or as a team with the controlled access and permission.


Why Rythmex: Benefits to Enjoy

All users from digital news agencies, public and social media, news platforms, and publishing companies can benefit a lot from this automated transcription for newsrooms because it facilitates their work a lot. 


You will experience the following advantages by using Rythmex:

- The platform supports dozens of languages and accents.
- The software uses the cutting-edge in-browser word processor to synchronize a transcript with other media files.
- The word indices help find any audio extract at a certain moment.
- It is the best automated transcription software for newsrooms that can identify speakers and distinguish their changes within one paragraph or between different paragraphs. 
- Paragraphs are labeled to find a needed speaker.
- The software can stitch the audio conversion to the already existing transcript.
- You can easily add your notes and comments.
 -Texts can be flexibly exported to Word, TXT, PDF, and many other formats.
- You can create subtitles in SRT, VTT, or other popular formats. 

- There is an accustomed dictionary to add some words or phrases. These words will receive priority while subscribing.
- You can create multiple dictionaries for different searches or content.
- The transcript can be perfectly realigned with the audio file.
- Rythmex can combine several tracks into one transcript, and all speakers will be automatically labeled.


Why Rythmex


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No need to take notes during lectures and interviews. Multiple text formats are available



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