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photo review
Tried once and couldn't find anything more convenient for my work. I work as a attorney. Sometimes we need to transcribe useful information regarding laws to use it on meetings. Rythmex helped a lot and safed my free time.
Thomas Brendak
Dunne & Co Solicitors, Private Attorney
photo review
Hello, I'm a podcast newbie and use text versions for discussions on my channel. Usually, Rythmex covers my needs with that. I surely advise you to try this service at least with the trial version, you won't regret it.
Svetlana Efremenko
Saint Petersburg, Podcaster
photo review
I will recommend Rythmex to everyone now. It saved my time pretty much. You can convert any audio format with it. It’s a wonder! I am happy to have this advanced technology at my disposal now. Thank you, developers. Using AI for this purpose is a great idea!
Everett Hunter
Deutsch tutor
photo review
I have been to many lengthy workshops and seminars because I am studying marketing. It is always a challenge to remember everything they are speaking about. Many great ideas are lost because it is impossible to catch all of them. Now, I have discovered a great transcribing tool and I hope my learning experience will improve. I tried it last week and it is great to have all the speeches in written text. Rythmex does its job perfectly, indeed.
Charlie Miles
Bachelor of marketing, University of Glasgow
photo review
I am a student and I always record the lectures. I am too lazy to take notes. Then, I try to listen and understand what was said. Sometimes, it takes a lot of time. I have thought that having a tool to convert audio to text would be a great help for me. A friend of mine recommended Rythmex. I tried it yesterday. Hm… It’s so easy! I am surprised. Gonna use it often, I believe.
Esther Mizrahi
Bezalel Academy of Art and Design student



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