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MXF to Text Online Converter

Rythmex is a brand-new MXF to text converter to use easily and efficiently. It is affordable and very fast. Save your effort and time for transcribing audio files in more than 60 languages.


The service gets 100% positive reviews from satisfied customers. More than 3,000 individuals and businesses use it world-wide every week.

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MXF to text online converter

Advantages of Using Rythmex for Transcribing MXF to Text


You may have different reasons why you need a written text instead of the audio. Nevertheless, Rythmex will help you achieve all your goals.

1. Your device doesn't need any additional software.

2. Safety, when you convert MXF to text, is guaranteed because we use cloud-based servers.

3. The AI can recognize 60+ languages.

4. Received transcription can be checked for free in the online editor.

5. You can extricate the files from the converter in any format you need.

6. Rythmex is a cost-effective MXF to text converter online providing the first 10 minutes for free.

How to Convert MXF to Text?


MXF stands for Material Exchange Format. It is a container format that is used for delivering advertisements to TV stations or movies to commercial theaters. It is meant for professional audio and video media.

Change MXF to text online, using Rythmex in the way described below:


1. Register and Upload the Audio File
Register on the Rythmex website or log in if you have your account. Upload your audio from any of your devices, via Dropbox, YouTube, or Google Drive. Transcribe the first 10 minutes for free.

2. Select the Language
Take out the language from the list. Rythmex recognizes 60+ languages and dialects.

3. Opt for the Mode
Decide on either ‘Machine Generated’ or ‘Human Generated’ mode receiving the accuracy of 85% and 99%, correspondingly.

4. Obtain the ReadyText File
Take up your ready MXF to text online transcription in about 10-20 minutes due to the quality and size. Check the text in the online editor. The ‘Human Generated’ mode will bring your file completely ready within 24 hours.

5. Draw Out the Text File
Use the tab ‘Export Files’. Get your file in TXT, PDF, DOCX, and HTML. Opt for subtitles in JSON, SRT, VTT, and EBU-STL if you need them.



How to Convert MXF to Text?
Upload your audio

Upload your audio in one of the acceptable formats

How to get the best results using Rythmex audio to text service


The efficient Automatic Speech Recognition Technology (ASR) allows for the conversion of the best quality. The accuracy is very high depending on the audio file quality and its length. The worse audio quality, the longer the transcription time. The length is not limited though the conversion takes more time if the audio is long.

No matter how long the audio is, the conversion always takes less time. The audio of 30 minutes can be transcribed within 15-20 minutes. The manual conversion is provided within 24 hours.

Avoid transition

Avoid transition from one language to another in the same audio file

Why Rythmex


Solve your issues with automatic audio to text converter

solve your problem in a few minutes

First thing first is the time, save it and solve your problem in a few minutes

purposes and jobs

Use Rythmex for different purposes and jobs

lectures and interviews

No need to take notes during lectures and interviews. Multiple text formats are available



Other thoughts regarding Rythmex

photo review
It’s great to have the audio of the MXF format converted to text so easily and quickly. I have to work with many clips and ads so it makes my job easier and more effective. The idea of using AI works perfectly. Thank you, developers.
Liam Perry
Video Maker
photo review
I don’t know much about AI and how to use it. But I need written texts instead of records very often. A friend of mine has shown me how to get the MXF transcription from Rythmex and now I am always using it when I need it. It works great! Strong recommendations!
Phoebe Jones
Professional Writer
photo review
The program is so easy-to-use and affordable that I just love it! Rythmex is wonderful - it saves so much time! I give you the best score for convenience and usability. Thank you, guys!
Martin Patterson
Podcast Owner

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