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3G2 to Text Online Converter

Rythmex is a state-of-the-art 3G2 to text converter. It is easy-to-use and cost-effective. Get any speech extracted from 3G2 in a couple of minutes. Save your effort with AI software working with 60+ languages.


Our converter has received 4.9/5 from more than 400 reviews and about 3,000 individuals and businesses use it worldwide every week.

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3G2 to text online converter

Advantages of Using Rythmex for Transcribing 3G2 to Text


 Rythmex will facilitate this process because it has the characteristics, not other online software has.

1. You do not need to install extra software on your device.

2. To convert 3G2 to text safely, we use cloud-based servers.

3. The AI can recognize 60+ languages.

4. You can check the obtained transcription for free in the online editor.

5. You can extricate the different formats of text files from the Rythmex converter.

6. Rythmex is a cost-effective and easy-to-use 3G2 to text converter online providing the first 10 minutes for free.

How to Convert 3G2 to Text?


3G2 is a 3GPP2 multimedia audio or video file. This format was developed by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) and it is based on the MPEG-4 standard. The custom project was created for mobiles on GSM networks.

Convert 3G2 to text online by using Rythmex in these simple steps:


1. Register and Upload the Audio
Register on the Rythmex website. Upload your audio from your device via Dropbox, YouTube, or Google Drive. Get the first 10 minutes of transcribing for free.

2. Decide on the Language
Pick out the language from the list. Rythmex recognizes 60+ languages and accents.

3. Choose the Mode
Select the mode from ‘Machine Generated’ and ‘Human Generated’ with the accuracy of 85% and 99%, correspondingly.

4. Obtain the Ready Text File
Get your 3G2 to text online ready in about 15-25 minutes depending on the size and audio quality. Check the text in the online editor. The ‘Human Generated’ mode will deliver the ready text within 24 hours.

5. Derive the Text File
Use the tab ‘Export Files’. Get your file in TXT, PDF, DOCX, and HTML. Choose JSON, SRT, VTT, and EBU-STL if you need subtitles.

How to Convert 3G2 to Text?
Upload your audio

Upload your audio in one of the acceptable formats

How to get the best results using Rythmex audio to text service


Automatic Speech Recognition Technology (ASR) is quite brand-new and efficient providing the conversion of the best quality. The accuracy also depends on the quality of the sound in your custom file. The length of the file also matters. Lengthy audio can be transcribed with less accuracy.

The length of the file is always bigger than the duration of the transcription process. You can get the text file of the audio 30 minutes long within 15-20 minutes. The manual conversion lasts about 24 hours.

Avoid transition

Avoid transition from one language to another in the same audio file

Why Rythmex


Solve your issues with automatic audio to text converter

solve your problem in a few minutes

First thing first is the time, save it and solve your problem in a few minutes

purposes and jobs

Use Rythmex for different purposes and jobs

lectures and interviews

No need to take notes during lectures and interviews. Multiple text formats are available



Other thoughts regarding Rythmex

photo review
My job is completed so quickly with the Rythmex 3G2 converter. I could not imagine it was possible a couple of years ago. The AI software works perfectly. I can write many new things on the basis of my interviews now.
Dan White
News Writer
photo review
It is so fast and convenient! I am amazed! This is the cheapest and fastest way to get the 3G2 transcription! I can strongly recommend it to all the students.
Victor Baker
photo review
Do your projects easily as I do with the Rythmex converter. My 3G2 files are so inconvenient to use. And now I have a decent way out. It is a wonder. Thank you for the idea and my friend for the helpful advice!
Gloria Bennett
Sound Producer

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